Gone are the days of having ugly metal tooth fillings mar your smile!

Instead, most dentists these days are choosing tooth-colored composite fillings to restore their patient’s tooth decay and cavities. Composite resin is not only durable, but it also can be custom blended to blend with your tooth seamlessly, so it’s not noticeable. Here are some other ways composite fillings enhance your smile. 

Composite Preserves More of Your Natural Tooth

The process to place a composite filling is different than what dentists would use for a metal filling. Composite is directly bonded to your tooth, which allows your dentist to remove less tooth structure and also adds strength and durability.

Composite Material Doesn’t React to Temperature

Metal amalgam will expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth, which happen often. Over time, this eventually causes your metal filling to pull away from your tooth. When that happens, the bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay are allowed back into your tooth and can cause damage again.

We Can Use Composite Resin for Dental Bonding

Composite is a versatile material that your Sarasota dentist can use for a cosmetic procedure called dental bonding. During this procedure, your dentist will add composite to your tooth to change its shape, cover stains or discoloration, repair chips or fractures, or fill in gaps and spaces between your teeth.

This is a quick and non-invasive procedure that tends to be less expensive than other cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota. If you’re interested in learning how dental bonding might improve your smile, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation with your dentist.

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