Regular Dental Checkups

The First Step to a Healthier Smile

Preventive dental care in Sarasota, FL helps you avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of dental problems.

Prevention is a top priority at Sarasota Dental Arts. Visiting Dr. Kaya Aygen and his team for your regular dental checkups will help you be proactive about your oral health so that you can prevent costly issues from arising. 

A foundation of your overall health is good oral hygiene. Your oral health  plays an huge role in your aging process and inflammatory diseases such as diabetes.  Good oral hygiene is one of the first steps in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. At Sarasota Dental Arts, we want to make sure that our patients are educated on proper care of their teeth and gums. We offer comprehensive dental care solutions to help you maintain optimum oral health goals!

You should have a professional teeth cleaning at least every six months to prevent decay developing within teeth and inflammation in the gum tissue. Oral cancer screening and periodontal screenings are important areas that need to be assessed regularly by a dental professional.  Our skilled hygienists use their expertise to provide you with screening exams, a thorough cleaning and oral care coaching.

How often should I visit the dentist?

For patients who have healthy teeth and gums, we typically recommend visits to the dentist every six months for dental cleanings and examinations. However, the frequency can vary depending on your specific needs. For instance, if we are treating you for periodontal disease or another condition, we may recommend that you come to see us more often. Some patients may require three or four teeth cleanings a year to maintain a healthy smile.

Visiting Sarasota Dental Arts for your regular dental checkups is the best way to prevent serious dental health issues from forming. It also allows your dentist to catch any small concerns before they become more costly to address.

If we are placing a dental implant or restored your smile with crowns, we may recommend that you return for a follow-up visit to check on your progress. 

Are you due for a dental exam and teeth cleaning? Call Sarasota Dental Arts to arrange a convenient appointment.

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What happens during a regular dental checkup?

Our friendly hygienists are gentle and skilled at making your cleaning appointment comfortable and productive. Excellent dental care begins at home. So they’ll take the time to educate you about your oral health and teach you skills and techniques to improve your home care routine.

You will also see Dr. Aygen at every cleaning appointment where he’ll do an examination and review x-rays with you. X-rays are a crucial part of the diagnostic process. They help Dr. Aygen see inside your teeth and under your gums so he can diagnose and treat problems early on.

We offer digital x-rays, which are ready for viewing immediately and expose patients to up to 90% less radiation than traditional films. If you need restorative services, Dr. Aygen will explain what’s required and why, so you can decide what treatment options work best for your lifestyle and budget. Please call Sarasota Dental Arts to get started.

We Love Our Patients

and our patients love us!

Just had my first visit with Sarasota Dental Arts. The staff was super friendly. Dr. Aygen gave me the most thorough dental exam I have ever had. He went over a complete dental plan with me and answered all my questions. When I left, I had a print out of what we discussed, including prices. Glad I made the switch.

D. Wolfson / via Google / 2019
DR Kaya is very gentle with is patient procedure , and very genuine and friendly with a simple for is patient. And he give excellent services.

A. Galantis / via Google / 2017
Highly recommend if going to the dentist gives you anxiety like it does for me. Everyone is so personable and they make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door and throughout your whole time there.

T. Hurley / via Google / 2019
I’ve had a fear of going to the dentist since I was a kid. I can honestly say after coming to the office several times that I will never go to another Dentist. My mother recommended them to me. I recommend them to everyone. The staff and Kaya Aygen, D.M.D are very nice and take the time to explain to you any questions you may have.

L. Perez / via Google / 2019