Root canals have a bad reputation, which, unfortunately, is not an accurate or true reflection of the procedure. Most people associate root canals with pain, and it is likely because your tooth hurts a lot when you need this procedure. However, the pain you are experiencing is actually caused by an infection in your tooth, not root canal treatment. Here’s what you should know. 

What Happens During a Root Canal?

When tooth decay or a fracture reaches the nerve inside your tooth, a painful infection develops. This pain is the kind of pain that keeps you awake at night, and it’s important to know that it will not go away without treatment.

If you have a tooth infection, your dentist in Sarasota will remove the diseased tissue from inside your tooth, ensure that it is infection-free, and then seal your tooth temporarily so it can heal. Once your tooth is healed, you’ll return to your dentist to have it strengthened with a permanent filling or crown. Strengthening your tooth with a permanent restoration will ensure that you can eat and chew with ease again.

Why Root Canal Treatment Doesn’t Hurt

Believe it or not, root canals are a very straightforward procedure, and advanced technology provides tools that make the process go even more smoothly. Instead of the rigid stainless steel instruments used in the past, your dentist can now more comfortably eliminate your infection with flexible electric hand tools that reach the canals of your tooth more easily and make the process quicker and more efficient.

Your dentist also uses the best dental anesthetics to ensure that your infected tooth is numb and that you don’t feel a thing during your procedure. Even better, the anesthetic will immediately relieve the pain caused by your infection.

Contact Sarasota Dental Arts if You Have Tooth Pain

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