Straighter teeth offer many benefits, both seen and unseen. From being able to brush and floss with ease to smiling with confidence, the advantages of having straight teeth are priceless.

These days it’s even easier to achieve the straight teeth you want with discretion and ease when choosing the clear aligner system with Invisalign.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The clear ortho aligner system with Invisalign is a series of plastic aligners custom-made just for you and comfortable to wear. They’re also virtually invisible since they’re clear. Invisible braces are also removable, so patients can brush and floss their teeth with ease and enjoy the benefit of not having dietary restrictions during treatment. Invisalign patients also avoid the inconvenience of returning to the dentist for issues such as broken or lost brackets and wires or soft tissue irritations that commonly accompany metal brackets.

We will ask that you be as compliant as you can in wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours each day. You’ll move to the next series of aligners every two to three weeks. A strong commitment to faithfully wearing your aligners will ensure that your treatment progresses on time.

How Can I Get Started?

If you’re interested in learning more about Invisalign, please contact Sarasota Dental Arts at (941) 927-8287 and schedule an evaluation with trusted Invisalign dentist, Dr. Kaya Aygen. He will use x-rays, photos, and an examination of your teeth to determine if clear ortho aligners are the right treatment to help you reach your smile goals. If they are, he’ll use the information gathered at this appointment to create your customized treatment plan with Invisalign.

Invisalign provides similar benefits as traditional braces. Clear braces can eliminate spaces between the teeth and correct common bite misalignment conditions such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

We have treated many patients with Invisalign from 20 years of age up to our most recent patient of 85! Don’t wait to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Aygen – give us a call today.