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Enhance Your Smile with Custom Porcelain Crowns

at Sarasota Dental Arts in Gulf Gate Estates

At Sarasota Dental Arts, serving Sarasota, Gulf Gate Estates, and Siesta Key, we specialize in porcelain crowns that restore function and beautifully blend with your natural teeth.

Utilizing the latest dental materials and techniques, our porcelain crowns are designed to provide durability and a flawless aesthetic match.


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Understanding the Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Common Challenges: Traditional crowns can sometimes be noticeable and may not always provide the desired aesthetic continuity with the rest of your teeth.

Advanced Solutions: Our porcelain crowns offer a high-quality cosmetic solution. They are crafted from advanced ceramic materials that mimic the translucency and color of natural teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable from your original teeth.

Positive Outcomes: Patients benefit from a restoration that not only feels natural but looks impeccable as well.

Porcelain crowns are highly durable and resistant to wear, ensuring long-lasting results that enhance your smile’s function and appearance.

Porcelain Crowns

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to help you understand what to expect when you choose porcelain crowns at Sarasota Dental Arts.

What are porcelain crowns?
Porcelain crowns are dental restorations that cap or completely cover a tooth. They are made from high-quality ceramic and are popular for their natural color and texture, which closely mimics that of natural teeth.
Why choose a porcelain crown over other types?
Porcelain crowns offer the best in aesthetic quality, making them ideal for front teeth restorations. They are highly biocompatible, resist staining, and can be shaded to match your surrounding teeth perfectly.
How long do porcelain crowns last?
With proper care, porcelain crowns can last 10 to 15 years or more. Their longevity depends on good oral hygiene practices and avoiding habits like teeth grinding.
Is the process of getting a porcelain crown painful?
The process involves minimal discomfort. Local anesthesia is used during the preparation of the tooth, ensuring a pain-free experience.
How are porcelain crowns made?
After preparing your tooth, an impression is taken and sent to a dental lab where your custom crown is crafted. In the meantime, a temporary crown is placed. Once ready, the permanent crown is adjusted for fit and color and then cemented into place.
How do I care for my porcelain crown?
Care for your porcelain crown just as you would your natural teeth: brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings.
Can a porcelain crown improve tooth function?
Yes, besides restoring the appearance of your tooth, a porcelain crown can restore functionality, allowing you to chew and speak comfortably.
What should I do if my porcelain crown is damaged or falls out?
If your crown is damaged or comes loose, contact us immediately. Avoid using the damaged crown to prevent further damage and potential discomfort.
How much does a porcelain crown cost?
The cost can vary based on factors such as the complexity of your case and your dental insurance. We provide detailed estimates and help you understand your insurance coverage.
Will my insurance cover the cost of a porcelain crown?
Most dental insurance plans cover part of the cost of a crown as a restorative procedure. We can help you navigate your coverage options.
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